CNA Sponsorship

River Bend Nursing Center in West Sacramento, CA




Full Time


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High School Diploma

Contact Information

Contact: Joe Cunliffe
Phone: 916-371-1890
Fax: 916-371-0442


Are you interested in starting your career in healthcare? Join River Bend Nursing Center for the incredible opportunity to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Apply today for the opportunity to be sponsored and have your education to become a CNA paid for. This offer is contingent on you working full time for at least a year once certified. You will need to work any needed full time shift at River Bend Nursing Center. The education program is 6 weeks and you will need to dedicate time to the class and successfully pass your examinations.

Please note that you will take out a loan with the facility which will be paid back over the course of 12 months at no interest via quarterly payments good attendance and performance, Failure to meet these requirements may result in collection efforts and credit bureau reporting.